Student Support Services

St. Pius X School’s main goal is to provide a learning environment that is adaptive, collaborative, and innovative, with strong support for each student’s learning development and potential. Our goal is to develop the unique potential of each student with personalized teaching methods.

St. Pius X School offers a Student Support Services program for students who have identified learning differences to help them grow in their spiritual development, achieve their highest academic potential, and support their emotional development.  Our Student Support Services Team is led by Kate Martin (School Counselor/Director of Student Support Services) and Judy Werner (Student Support Services/Reading Specialist/Librarian).   By having a Student Support Services program, St. Pius X School conveys how important it is to meet the needs of each student and offer intervention.

Once enrolled, the Student Support Services Team will generate a Student Success Plan that outlines accommodations and support.  Parents and guardians are invited into conversation with the Student Support Services Team, at least one or more of a child’s teachers, and the school Principal.  Partnership between home and school is a critical element of the St. Pius X School experience.

The staff assists with organization and time management, study skills, note-taking, test preparation, test-taking skills, and homework completion.  Student Support Services arranges a quiet, more intimate testing environment or extended time on assessments.

Student Support Services also works with students who have identified learning differences in academics especially in the areas of math and literacy. Small group instruction is provided to those students who work best in small groups where their individual needs can be addressed.  This instruction includes reading fluency, decoding and encoding skills, comprehension, and written expression.