Our Staff

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Ann-Marie Shaw

Office Administrator


  • ashaw@spxschool.org

    Mrs. Shaw has been the Administrative Assistant at St. Pius X School since 2006.  Prior to joining SPXS, she worked in banking as a Customer Service/Financial Service Representative. In her free time, Mrs. Shaw enjoys spending time with her family and relaxing with a good book on the beaches of Cape Cod.  Her daughter is a 2013 graduate of SPXS and is currently a freshman in college.

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Dorothy Kostecki

Business Manager


  • dkostecki@spxschool.org

    Mrs. Kostecki joined St. Pius School in 2015 as the Grade 1 Assistant and transitioned to Business Manager in 2019. She has three  children who have attended SPXS. Mrs. Kostecki enjoys spending time with her family and two dogs, going to the beach in the summer, and skiing in the winter.

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Sandro Correa

Facilities Director


  • scorrea@spxschool.org

    Mr.  Correa was born and raised in Brazil, he has been the Facilities Director at St. Pius X School since 2006. Prior to joining SPXS, Sandro worked in restaurants, radio stations and as a General Manager for a Food Distribution Center in Ceasa MG, Brazil. He studied 3 years majoring in Accounting Technician in EEMAO, MG, Brazil. He was also a certified beekeeper in EMATER, MG, Brazil. Sandro attended ESL in Barnstable Community School.  In his free time, Mr. Correa enjoys reading.

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Ann Agurkis

School Nurse


  • aagurkis@spxschool.org

    Mrs. Agurkis is the school nurse, new to St Pius X this year. She loves to travel with her family in our RV, paddle board, run and read. Mrs. Agurkis enjoys learning about and encouraging healthy living for her family, work and community.  She hopes to see us all working towards making healthy choices, including how we play, sleep, eat, learn, and interact, with God as our foundation.  

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Debbie Bourque

Grade 2 Assistant


  • dbourque@spxschool.org

    Mrs. Bourque has been at St. Pius X School since 2013. She has been both a PreK and Kindergarten Assistant. Mrs. Bourque has worked with preschool and kindergarten-aged children for the past fifteen years. Prior to teaching, Mrs. Bourque was a stay-at-home Mom for her two children who are now in their twenties. When not at school, she enjoys walking her dog Luna on the beach, spending time with her family, and watching Boston sports.

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Nick Corsi

Athletic Director


  • ncorsi@spxschool.org

    Mr. Corsi is the  Physical Education teacher for Pre-K – 8th grade and the Middle School Athletic Director for our seven interscholastic sport teams.  Mr. Corsi enjoys coaching youth sports and has two children, Anna and Benjamin.

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Kara Diver

Grade 4 Teacher


  • kdiver@spxschool.org

    Mrs. Diver is the Grade 4 teacher.  She has worked at St. Pius since the school opened as a 1:1 assistant for a student with learning style differences, as well as a Grade 2, and  Grade 5 & 6 teacher here at SPXS. She also served as the SPXS Extended Day Program Coordinator from August 2016 through June 2018.  Mrs. Diver received her masters of elementary education from American International College. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family, going to the beach and reading books.

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Ellen Goulet

Grades 5-8, Religion


  • egoulet@spxschool.org

    Mrs. Goulet is currently the St. Pius X School Middle School Religion teacher. She has taught at St. Pius X since 2004. Prior to those years she taught Grade 1 at Holy Family Name School in New Bedford and Grades 5 & 7 at Maryknoll Grade School in Honolulu, Hawaii. Mrs. Goulet graduated from Framingham State School with a degree in Early Childhood, Education and Psychology. She received her Masters in Religion at Providence College. Mrs. Goulet has been married to John Goulet for 39 years, and has five children and four grandchildren.

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Kirsten King

Grade 3 Teacher


  • kking@spxschool.org

    Ms. King’s currently teaches Grade 3 here at St. Pius X School. Prior to teaching Grade 3, she taught Grade 2 and was the PreK assistant here at SPXS. Ms. King has her EEC and is currently working towards her Masters in Education. She previously taught in Newport, RI and on Cape Cod for 17 years. Ms. King enjoys paddle boarding and her French Bulldog, Cody.

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Claire Lundahl

Grades 7 & 8, Language Arts/Literature


  • clundahl@spxschool.org

    My name is Claire Lundahl. I was born and raised in New York. I have received two masters degrees from Fordham University, one in teaching Social Studies and one in Educational Leadership. I have taught twenty three years in the New York City Public Schools. My husband and I have had a house here on the Cape since 2001. We are both Social Studies Teachers. 
    I enjoy hiking, reading, and cooking. My husband and I enjoy traveling and gardening.  I love to talk about books and ideas with middle school students. 
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Doug Mason

Grades 5-8, Math


  • dmason@spxschool.org

    Mr. Mason is teaching 5th & 6th grade math here at St. Pius X School. He is a graduate of Springfield College. For the past decade, he has worked for D-Y schools as a special needs assistant. Prior to that, Mr. Mason worked as an assistant recreation director for the towns of Provincetown and Yarmouth. Mr. Mason has coached student athletes for most of his adult life. He currently coaches soccer and basketball as well as high school baseball. In his free time, he enjoys umpiring baseball games, for various levels, collegiate to little league. He also loves spending time with his wife and his children, who are both in college.

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Kate Martin

Grades 5-8, Guidance


  • Kate Martin is the Middle School Guidance Counselor here at SPXS.  Prior to joining SPXS Kate Martin earned a degree in Psychology, worked on her families Oyster farm and was busy raising three daughters.  In her free time she enjoys baking, reading, art, and being in nature.

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Zeina Merhi

4th Grade Assistant


  • zmerhi@spxschool.org

    Mrs. Merhi, who is Lebanese,  speaks, writes and reads Lebanese, English and French. She and her husband Pierre have two girls who have attended SPXS since kindergarten. She was a preschool teacher for 7 years, was the Librarian at SPXS, and is now the Foreign Language Coordinator. Mrs. Merhi enjoys spending time with kids who still believe that books are the ancient Google search.

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Krystle Moujabber

Grades 5 & 6, Language Arts/Lit/SS


  • kmoujabber@spxschool.org

    Hi! My name is Krystle, I was born and raised in Massachusetts. I’m a devout Catholic and I love helping children grow, and achieve their goals.I have been teaching ELA and Social Studies for the past 7 years.
    I enjoy hiking the White Mountains in New Hampshire. I absolutely love trying different teas, and visiting new restaurants.
    I’m always looking for a new opportunity to learn about another culture, and I absolutely love to travel! My godchild and my nephew are my absolute world!


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Marie Merrill

Kindergarten Teacher


  • mmerrill@spxschool.org

    Mrs. Merrill has been the Kindergarten teacher at St. Pius X School since 2012.  Prior to joining SPXS, she taught Kindergarten at Holy Trinity School for 14 years. In her free time, Mrs. Merrill enjoys drawing, painting and gardening.

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Karen Petrie

Grade 3 Teacher


  • kpetrie@spxschool.org

    Mrs. Petrie teaches Grade 3 here at St. Pius X School. Mrs. Petrie was born in Brighton and lived in Waltham most of her life.  She became a wash-ashore in 2001.  Mrs. Petrie has a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood education from Lesley University.  She has five children and resides in Hyannis.  She has a 15 year old yellow lab and a three year old 140 pound Newfie who keep her busy.  In her free time Mrs. Petrie enjoys reading, knitting, cooking and camping.  

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Breanna Powell

PreK Assistant


  • bpowell@spxschool.org

    Mrs. Powell has been a PreK and Kindergarten Assistant at St. Pius X School since 2017. Prior to joining SPXS, she worked in an integrated preschool program for children with autism. In her free time, Mrs. Powell enjoys baking and the outdoors with her family.

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Anne Quirk

Grade 1 Teacher


  • aquirk@spxschool.org

    Mrs. Quirk is the Grade 1 teacher at St. Pius X School She is a graduate of Anna Maria College in Paxton , Massachusetts. Mrs. Quirk has been a public school teacher and was a Title one teacher for 17 years, before joining the Diocese in 2001. She and her  husband Jim have three grown daughters, and eleven grandchildren, with number twelve on the way. They keep Mr. &  Mrs. Quirk very busy. In the quiet moments of the day, Anne enjoys a good book.

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Joanna Ryder

Grade 2 Assistant


  • jryder@spxschool.org
    Mrs. Ryder is one of the Kindergarten teachers here at SPXS.  P Mrs. Ryder taught Kindergarten for five years, three of those years were at SPXS! She was also the Grade 2 assistant for two years here at SPXS. She is extremely grateful to be a part of the school community as both a member of the staff and as a parent. Mrs. Ryder loves to share each school day with her boys.
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Maryann Tremblay

PreK Teacher


  • mtremblay@spxschool.org

    Mrs. Tremblay is the Pre-Kindergarten teacher at St. Pius X School. Mrs. Tremblay has been teaching Pre-K at SPXS since the school opened in 2004.  She takes great pride and pleasure in teaching our youngest students about God and the wonderful world that He has given us. She enjoys seeing their faces light up when they are exposed to a new concept or when they have successfully learned how to do a task for the first time. Mrs. Tremblay holds both a BS and a MEd. in ECE and is Massachusetts certified. The majority of her teaching career has been in
    Pre-Kindergarten. In her free time she enjoys spending time with family and friends.

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Erin Welch

Grades 5-8, Science


  • eharmon@spxschool.org

    Ms. Harmon joined SPXS as the Middle School Science teacher in 2020.

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Judy Werner



  • jwerner@spxschool.org

    Mrs. Werner is the SPXS Librarian. Prior to being the Librarian, Mrs. Werner taught Grade 4 here at St. Pius X School. She holds a  ME.D from Curry College and has been teaching on Cape Cod for over 22 years.  She has two daughters Sarah and Joan and a granddaughter Natalie. Mrs. Werner loves reading, walking the canal and chocolate.

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Karen Vergakes

Technology Coordinator


  • kvergakes@spxschool.org

    Mrs. Vergakes join the staff 2021. She is excited to work with Students, Staff & Family members.