Afterschool Enrichment

SPXS offers many programs that allow our students to discover and expand on areas of interest. By providing a variety of programs, we help the students of SPXS  learn who they are and where their interest may lie. SPXS takes pride in offering its students a rich array of extra-curricular and co-curricular programs.

  • Drama

    The Drama Department at St. Pius X School is inclusive  Any student who wishes to participate in our drama productions may do so. All interested students have an opportunity to perform. Our spring musicals (Lower & Middle Schools) are staged with roles for every student who auditions; each performer gets their individual moment to “shine” on the stage. Students have an opportunity to fine tune already established skills or to perform for the first time in their lives. Students learn skills that they will carry with them for a lifetime – poise, teamwork, technical skills, and more. St. Pius X School enthusiastically supports the arts with our annual Lower School Drama Production.

  • Art/Crafting

    Calendar Art
    Students create calendar art for each of the 12 months.  This is done in either a binder format or desk frame format.  Each student chooses their theme and art medium (markers, colored pencil, watercolor).
    Grades:  3rd & 4th Grade

    Students use creativity and imagination to create amazing artistic pieces.
    Grades:  Kindergarten – 2nd Grade

    Creating Art & Celebrating the Seasons & Holidays
    This class works on creations for our various seasons and holidays. Projects will include Winter Hat fun, St. Patrick’s Day projects, Easter Egg crafts, to name a few.
    Grades:  3rd-8th Grade

    Creating Art Through Patterns
    Students create Art through patterns, including mandalas and zentangles.
    Grades:  2nd-8th Grade

    Students enjoy the craft of macrame.  Macrame is the art of tying knots. Students can make plant hangers, key chains, wall hangings, belts, etc.  If students can think of it, they can create it!
    Grades:  4th-8th Grade

  • Academic

    Book Club
    Love to read? Want to share your joy of reading with others? Then this is the group for you.  Together students explore a variety of literary genres such as fiction, poetry, short stories, reader’s theater, and more.  It is up to us to determine what we will delve into.
    Grades:  3rd-8th Grade

    Quiz Bowl
    Do you have what it takes to be the ultimate quiz champion? This is your chance to show off your knowledge and have fun in a friendly competition.
    Grades: 5th-8th Grade

  • STEM/Technology

    3D Printing
    Learn to code in Tinkercad then send your work to the printer.
    Grades:  5th-8th Grade

    4th-8th Grade STEM
    Come join us for 5 weeks of STEM experiments, problem solving and construction. Each week teams are given a challenge with an hour to solve and 30 minutes to test their work!
    Grades:  4th-8th Grade

    Fun with Coding 
    Students expand their knowledge of coding using
    Grades:  3rd & 4th Grade

    Pre-K and Kindergarten STEM
    Students take on the role of becoming engineers as they investigate the effects of force and motion. Students will learn why objects move in different ways with hands-on STEM activities.
    Grades: PreK & Kindergarten

    Pre-K and Kindergarten STEM Block Building Adventure
    Bring your imagination and get ready to engineer a solution to a problem. Design, construct, test and play with fabulous structures, made cooperatively, using a variety of building materials and tools. To complete the problem solving process, builders will draw and write about their structures.
    Grades:  PreK & Kindergarten

    STEM Adventures
    Delve into STEM experiments, exploration, and engineering.  Using common items, we will work on some projects individually and some cooperatively.
    Grades:  1st & 2nd Grade

  • Sports

    Co-ed Interschool Volleyball
    St. Pius X School and St. John Paul II School join together for co-ed 5th-8th grade volleyball

    Floor Hockey
    Have fun playing after school floor hockey on the hardwood floor of our gymnasium.
    Grades:  3rd Grade

    Future Stars Soccer League
    Students learn soccer fundamentals and skills.
    Grades:  3 and 4

    Soccer with Athletic Club Independence
    This after school soccer clinic is designed to inspire the next generation of soccer stars!  This dynamic program is tailored for young athletes, providing a fantastic opportunity to learn, grow, and have a blast on the field.
    Grades: 3rd & 4th Grade

    Lower School Basketball Program
    Students will be learning and improving on all basketball skills – dribbling, shooting, and passing.  Students will be taught about defense, offense, and rebounding basics.  Students will compete in 2 vs 2 & 3 vs 3 games.
    Grades:  1st-3rd Grade

    SPXS Tennis Academy
    Learn new skills and improve current tennis skills taught by Mid-Cape Athletic Center pros.
    Grades:  1st-8th Grade