St. Pius X School seeks students with intellectual curiosity, academic ability, and motivation.


  1. SPXS is a school where faith is our central core, relationships are valued, and education is more personalized. Because of our size, all of the students are known and supported by their peers, teachers, staff and the entire school community.
  2. SPXS believes in the PreK – 8 education model. Research shows that students who attend K – 8 schools perform at higher levels than their traditional middle school peers. Higher levels of self-esteem and academic achievement are among the benefits associated with this model, as well as more positive attendance and discipline throughout the student body.
  3. SPXS students have demonstrated, time and again, a high academic performance on standardized tests and excellent preparation upon entry at local high schools.
  4. Service to our communities has been a core value for SPXS, where the students develop a sense of purpose and appreciation for their own gifts and the gifts of others.
  5. SPXS House System pushes each child to grow in leadership as they grow in their Catholic faith. The values and gifts of each student are recognized and nurtured.
  6. The sportsmanship and attitudes towards competition are remarkable. Given the smaller student body, students- athletes enjoy greater playing time in all team sports.
  7. SPXS has a modern state of the art building with spacious and bright classrooms.
  8. SPXS maintains great relationships with the local police and fire department. High safety standards and procedures keep the building and our students safe.
  9. From all over the Cape, access to St Pius X School is direct and fluid, making an easy and enjoyable ride with kids in the car. Drop off and pick up procedures run quickly and smoothly. Bus service is available for all DY students, and our “Upper Cape Bus” transports many students daily.
  10. St Pius X School teachers and administration consider their position at school a lifetime vocation; students are dear to them.