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Catholic School Week

Brody Murphy                                                                            

Grade 8

Catholic Schools Week is important for many reasons. It helps us focus our Catholic faith. We have fun activities throughout the week to keep us occupied. There are plenty of times to have fun with our friends.

My favorite time during Catholic Schools Week is ice skating. We also have other benefits like dress-downs and class parties. We get more breaks of off school work. We all gather for mass once during the week.  It is very important and we get together with other Catholic schools. 

Kiera O’Malley                                                                            

Grade 7

Catholic Schools Week is a time to come together with your school community. Catholic Schools Week starts on January 28  and goes to February 3. Catholic schools all around the world celebrate this and it is an important event to look forward to. 

There are many events that we participate in during Catholic Schools Week. Some examples include raising money for charities, decorating your classroom doors, and going to a big school mass. We have a competition to see what house can raise the most money for the charity that is assigned to them. These events each have a different impact on us and can help our community.

This week makes us better Catholics all around. We learn how to be better people and to respect everyone. It teaches us to give back to our communities. While learning to be good Catholics, we have fun. Everyone should look forward to this and make the best of it.

Felicity Cochran                                                            

Grade 6

Catholic school week is when the school gets together to reflect and think about Gods as a school community. We do many activities as a school community. This included going to church with JP2, and the middle school kids getting to go ice skating. In the next sentence you will find out what the actual definition of catholic schools week is in the next sentence. In 1974, National catholic schools started. Catholic schools all over the United States celebrate it. It starts on the last Sunday of January. It typically goes from January 30- February 5.

Eduardo Lliguichuzhca 

Grade 5

Catholic school week is when the whole school comes together to play fun games. We are always happy and Joyful.  And we go to church and pray and that’s what it’s all about. And we always look out for each other in this school, we always try to help out anytime we can.We always do fun activities in Catholics schools week.

Like crazy hair day, dress down, and dances. This year we are going to the  church and going to HYCC for Ice skating, and basketball! WE also do fundraisers for different places. We love helping so please come on down to St.Pius X School. 

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