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October 22, 2019

Halloween Party Notes Halloween Party 

Thursday, October 31st Events

– Morning Routine, Circle Time, Library, Snack, Center Time, Recess, Lunch, Parade Snack – Special Halloween Treats, (Carolyn Hietsch will contact a few parents to send in peanut free treats). We will make Monster Mash Ice Cream Sundaes after lunch. Parade – (with grades K- 2) 1:30 around the front of the school What to Wear and Bring to School – Wear uniform to school. Bring costumes to school in a bag. Label all items, including the bag, with your child’s name. Please do not send masks, weapons, wands or added accessories. Thank you. Please Note: Halloween can be a very scary time for some children, therefore, we must remind our children to be kind and respectful of others’ feelings and not make comments about any fears that another child may have. This is part of our character Education Program, RESPECT for ourselves, as well as others and remembering What Would Jesus Do? I would appreciate it if you would also remind your child of this. For your own personal information: Why do we, as Catholic Christians, celebrate Halloween? “Halloween gives us the opportunity to help people of all ages reconnect with the Christian understanding of this popular day.”(According to the Assistant Secretary for Catechesis and Leadership Formation for the U.S. Bishop’s Department of Education.) We celebrate this day as the Eve of All Saints, the Holy Night before All Saints Day, to help people connect to the lives of the saints and to remember those who have died. Friday, November 1st All Saints Day. We will be attending 9:30 Mass with the SPXS community. Have a Happy and Safe Halloween. Maryann Tremblay

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