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Weekly Syllabus

Grade 3

Grade Three Syllabus; Week of October 9, 2018


The spelling words this week are a review of words with the four sounds of ou. (/ow/ as in count; long o as in four; /oo/ as in group; /uh/ as in country.) Please review the
words and meanings each night. There will be a vocabulary test on Friday. The practice spelling test will be taken on Thursday, with a retake on Friday if necessary. Spelling
homework is to write the words three times each and write a complete sentence for each word. This is due on Friday.

Please plan on math homework each night. It will usually be out of the workbook. I will tell the students the page in school. We will continue to review addition and subtraction
with regrouping this week. Your child should continue to practice addition and subtraction math facts, as I notice many are using their fingers.

We began Charlotte’s Web and the students are all enjoying reading about the adventures of Charlotte and Wilbur. The students will continue to learn about different life cycles
over the course of the month. The spider projects are due on Friday, October 19. I can’t wait to see them!

Tuesday, October 9, 2018
Math workbook, page 23, odd only. Do not estimate.



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