Through curriculum-based lessons during Library and Technology classes, students will gain a foundation which prepares them for their future in an ever-changing technological world.

St. Pius X School endeavors to educate all students, PreK-8th Grade, with age-appropriate experiences and skills in reading, library usage, technology and research skills in order to develop a love of reading and to become life-long, effective and responsible users of technology.

The Library and Technology Center strives to promote educational excellence for all students here at St. Pius X school.

The SPXS Technology Curriculum is designed to encourage ALL students, Prek through Grade 8, to be responsible, independent and effective users of technology.

Students in PreK through Grade 8 will have access to their own SPXS Google Apps for Education (GAFE) account. These student accounts reside within the walled garden that is St. Pius X School. Students will use their Google accounts in Lower School to learn the basics of logging on, signing out, and the importance of keeping their passwords secure. Students in Lower School will also begin to use Google Docs and Drawings, as well as other Google Apps in the Education Suite. Lower School students will be introduced to Google Classroom.

Google Classroom integrates students’ SPXS Google accounts with Google Apps services, including Google Docs, Google Drive, and Google Calendar. Classroom saves time and paper and makes it easy to create classes, distribute assignments, communicate, and stay organized. Teachers can quickly see who has turned in their work, and provide direct, real-time feedback and grades right in Google Classroom.

Students will maintain access to their SPXS Google account as they move from grade to grade.

Middle School students will learn to use their SPXS Google accounts to become stronger, more effective and efficient students. Middle School students will be using various aspects of Google Classroom, as well as many other Google Apps services.  Digital Citizenship is emphasized in Middle School as well. Digital Citizenship focuses on Privacy & Security; Self-Image; Communication; Internet Safety; Cyberbullying; Copyright; Information Literacy; and Digital Footprints. We strive to make all students at SPXS Good Digtial Citizens!

Google Classroom Access Outside of School

As part of their classwork, Middle School students should check their SPXS Google Classroom EVERY DAY for assignments and/or announcements.

Students can access their SPXS Google Account from any device that has an Internet connection. If students are able to access Google Chrome, they should open Chrome and click Sign In. If not, students should access the Internet and type in Google Sign In as a search. A link to the Google Sign In page will be in the search results, click on the Google Sign In link. Students must use their SPXS Google Username and Password to sign in. Students then click on the Classroom link on their bookmark bar. If the Classroom link is not visible, type in the address bar.

All SPXS 4th-8th grade students have received hands-on experience signing in to their SPXS Google Accounts and using Google Classroom over the past several weeks in Technology class.

Google Links

Google Sign In:
Google Classroom