Physical Education

Physical Education plays a pivotal role in coaching everyone with essential social, emotional, and physical skills that will serve them throughout their lives. Physical Education not only promotes overall health, but also enhances academic performance, emotional well-being, and builds success through goal setting.  My focus and emphasis each day are perseverance, teamwork, and the bolstering of self-confidence through sport skills for all my students. Our program is dedicated to empowering your students with the necessary skills and knowledge to lead healthy, active lives. 

Standards and Objectives for the SPXS Physical Education Program:
Sept. – Soccer / Kicking
October – Dance/Movement Concepts
November – Volleyball / Striking
December – Basketball / Dribbling
January – Floor Hockey
February – Fitness and Health
March – Racquet Sports / Striking with implements
April – Baseball
May – Sports from around the world, Croque, Spikeball, Frisbee, GAGA, Bulgarian tag, and Lacrosse
June – Capture the Flag – agility, teamwork, and decision making games