February 1, 2019

Dear Parents,

Winter has arrived and the children look so cute bundled up in their winter jackets, hats and mittens. They are doing a wonderful job keeping track of all of their belongings and keeping everything in their cubbies. It is close quarters and fortunately we have not sent too many items home that did not belong to your child.

We had a very busy January learning about Winter and Our Five Senses. We made snow people and did a sequencing paper about how to build a snowman. The study of the Letter M is a great letter to work with. We had a great time counting and eating mini marshmallows, (Sense of Taste) and making “hot” cocoa mugs with marshmallows. The children had a great time playing with ice at the water table, (Sense of Sight and Touch) We sang songs, changing beginning sounds of words and listened to books on tape (Sense of Hearing).We made pizza for snack and popcorn to use and eat for an art project, to incorporate all of the 5 senses. Another delicious aroma! We also experimented with the texture bag, describing the different textures that we felt in the bag and played with scented play dough. The children also enjoyed the Marble Works station. They worked diligently and created some amazing ramps, twists and turns for the marbles. These experiments and math activities help the children prepare for Science and Math in years to come. We went to the Chapel and thanked God for Our Five Senses. It was a great week of experiments and learning about our Senses!

Teddy Bear week was a great deal of fun. The children enjoyed having their bears with them for the day. We read the story Corduroy by Don Freeman then we watched the movie Corduroy and compared the two for similarities and differences. We made Teddy Bear headbands and paraded around the school and ate Teddy Graham Cookies for snack The sensory table was turned into a Teddy Bear playground and the Dramatic Play area was Teddy Bear Land.

Dinosaur week was a loud one! There are so many facts to learn about dinosaurs and the children do a great job pronouncing the dinosaurs’ names. We sang dinosaur songs, wrote stories about dinos, did dinosaur art projects and built dinosaur homes in the block area. We watched the Land Before Time while sitting in our classroom set up as a movie theater and eating popcorn. We also made dinosaur cut out peanut butter sandwiches for snack. Next week the children will pretend to be paleontologists while digging up fossils in the sand table and caring for dinosaurs in the Dramatic Play area.

Catholic Schools Week was busy with all types of activities. Mike the Bubble Man put on an Awesome Show and we enjoyed listening to and singing along with Fr. Pat, the singing priest. We stopped in the chapel for a few minutes to pray in front of the Blessed Sacrament and we wrote Thank you notes to Officer Kal, Ms. Gerry and Mr. Correa for taking such good care of us and our school. We also enjoyed dress down day to show support for the local charities that we are helping out this year. Thank you for the donations of dog food, toys and blankets. Your generosity is greatly appreciated and will help our four legged friends. We are all blessed to be a part of such a warm and caring community.

February looks to be a quick month. Our themes will be Healthy Habits, Feelings, and Jungle Animals. Ms. Annie, our school nurse will visit the classroom to talk to the children about eating healthy foods as well as healthy hygiene habits. February 14 is Valentine’s Day. We will have our Valentine Party on Thursday, the 14th. Please send in Valentines for each of the 18 children in the class. Please have the children sign each card but DO NOT print their friends’ names on the envelopes/cards. The children will decorate bags and valentines will be distributed by each child into the bags. Mrs. Stanney will contact you about providing goodies for the party, if you have not been called for previous parties. Thank you.

February, the month of Love and Feelings is a great time to continue working on being KIND to our friends. I will continue to reinforce using KIND WORDS and showing ACTS of KINDNESS to each other. Class meetings and speaking individually with students or in small groups will be held to problem solve disputes that can erupt between children. I will encourage children to count to 10 when they are upset about an issue. I will also encourage them to ask a teacher to help them when they are having a conflict with another child. All of these strategies will help the children to develop problem solving skills with words, instead of resorting to aggressive acts, such as hitting or pushing, or being unkind to another child when angry. I would appreciate it if you would continue to reinforce this at home. This will help to carry on the school, home relationship that is so important in the development of each child. Thank you.

We will be attending Mass February 11th with the SPXS school community. Please let me know if you would like to attend Mass with us and help assist PreK during Mass.We have begun to learn the prayers, the Our Father and Hail Mary. It would be very helpful if you would continue to practice these prayers with your children, as well as the Sign of the Cross. They are so proud when they can say the prayers by themselves.

The week of February 18 is Winter vacation. Spring is right around the corner! Enjoy this ever changing weather that we are having this winter. God Bless you and your families.


Maryann Tremblay

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