November 5, 2018

Dear Parents,

It is hard to believe that our first two months of school have passed and soon we will be
preparing for the holidays. The children are doing well with our classroom routines and friendships are
forming. Please continue to encourage independence and self help skills at home. By having your child
help to pack the backpack with his/her library book, lunch box and snack, you are helping him/her be
independent and this task will be easier for him/her to do at school. (Please write your child’s name on
the snack bag and please include a drink for snack and lunch. Thank you.) Soon, children will be
reading the names and setting the tables for snack. By working together the children are able to
experience a home, school connection more clearly.

We were very busy during the month of October learning about the season of Autumn and Fire
Safety. The children did a great job acting out STOP, DROP and ROLL, listing Fire Safety rules, and
pretending to crawl under smoke. They also practiced dialing 911 on old phones and they know to do this
only in the case of an Emergency. Thank you to Firefighter Brian Dunton for visiting our classroom and
teaching us about fire safety.

We also learned a lot about pumpkins and did many fun activities to help us get ready for
Halloween. We counted pumpkins, sang songs about pumpkins and weighed pumpkins with other objects.
We sang lots of Halloween songs, reviewed Halloween safety rules, and had fun preparing for Halloween.
We even carved a Jack-O-Lantern, pulled the pulp apart, counted the seeds (to 100), roasted them and ate
them. Most of the children liked the cool, smooth texture of the pulp and they thought the pumpkin seeds
were delicious!

We had an IN SCHOOL FIELD TRIP, October 30th. Ms. Lynne, from Elements, Inc came to our
classroom to talk to the children about Forest Animals and how they get ready for winter. I would like to
thank the Friends of SPXS for providing us with this Field Trip.

During the month of October we learned about our Guardian Angel and we started to learn the
Guardian Angel prayer, the Hail Mary and how to make the Sign of the Cross. It would be helpful if you
could continue to practice these prayers at home; another home, school connection.

To continue with our home, school Religious connection I will be inviting 2 – 3 parents each
month to attend Mass with our class and the SPXS school community. If you are interested in attending
Mass with us November 20th , please send me an email. I will keep a running list of parent volunteers so
that everyone has an opportunity to join us throughout the school year. I look forward to worshiping with
you and sharing the word of God with you and your child.

Thank you to all of the parents who donated ingredients for our special Monster Mash Ice Cream
Sundaes and snacks for our Halloween party. The children had a great time playing Halloween games,
marching in the parade, and eating snacks and goodies. Their excitement and enthusiasm was contagious.
During the month of November we will talk about Pets, Family and Food, Giving Thanks, and
Homes. Your child is invited to bring in one or two pictures of the family pet this week to share with the
class. (Any day will be fine.) Please write a few facts about your pet to help make sharing time go more
smoothly. Please send in a picture of your family the week of November 13th. Thank you.

We will have a Thanksgiving celebration Thursday, November 15th. Some of the children will be
Native Americans and some will be Pilgrims. Jessica Stanney will be contacting some of you about
supplying food for our celebration and helping to set and clean up the tables in the Café for our

Now for a few gentle reminders, Thursday is LIBRARY DAY. Please return your child’s book to
school on or before Thursday each week.

If your child is out sick, please send a note in on his/her return stating why he/she was out. This
is a State policy.

Now that the weather is changing, please send your child to school each day in a warm coat or sweater.

Please have him/her practice putting on his/her coat at home. If you have not seen the Magic Coat Trick,
please ask your child to do it! Again, this is the home, school independence piece that we are working
toward. The playground can be very breezy and cold. Hats and mittens are always good to send in the
backpack, just in case.

Your child is invited to bring one small stuffed animal or a book to school for rest. The stuffy can
be left in school, rolled up in your child’s mat for your convenience. I will be sending the mats home for
laundering over the Thanksgiving weekend.

We are in need of paper towels. Please send in one or 2 rolls if you are able. Thank you in

Thank you again for all of your help and support. The PreK classroom can only run smoothly if
we all work together as a team. If you have any questions or concerns, please call or email me. Your
children are all special gifts from God and I enjoy being a part of their educational experiences very
much. God bless you and your families.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Maryann Tremblay

Dates to remember:
November 6 – No School – Professional Day
November 9 – 11:30 Dismissal (After Care available)
November 12 – No School – Veterans Day
November 20 – Mass (time to be announced) – 11:30 Dismissal (No After Care)
November 21 – No School
November 22 – Happy Thanksgiving


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