SPXS News By the Students

At St Pius X we believe in joining together and leadership roles. That is why we have houses. Houses are named after Saints that we believe made a big difference in this world and can make a difference in our school community. The houses are St Elizabeth House, St Teresa House, St Anthony House and St Veronica House. Each year the new 5th graders and new middle schoolers are sorted into a house. I like to think of this like we are in a Harry Potter book being sorted into a house. This is a big deal to any new middle schooler ready to join their house community. Each house has house captains. House captains are the leaders of each house, they are kind of the teachers for that class and or activity. House leaders are 2-3 8th grade students whom students and teachers believe are ready to take on the leadership role. Houses also have alternates. Alternates are 1 or 2 people who are also part of the house community but are not yet house captains. Alternates may in some cases come in and take the job of a captains. House also has a shirt and pin you wear consisting of the color of your house, the logo and your house quote and prayer. House is a fun activity to grow closer with the school community. Houses also participate in the house cup! The house cup is a fun tournament for the 4 houses


Ava Powell 8th grade St Elizabeth house captain