Grade 4

Grade 4 students are prepared to read with a higher level of fluency and expression and apply comprehension strategies to literary and expository texts. They work on word study and vocabulary skills to strengthen reading comprehension and writing across the curriculum. Writing addresses their ability to formulate multiple paragraph pieces that focus on a specific purpose or audience.

In math, some Grade 4 concepts include adding and subtracting large numbers with sums up to 1,000,000,  multi-step multiplication and division problems, basic fraction and decimal concepts, measurement, and the ability to recognize and identify grade level geometrical vocabulary and ideas. Number fluency is maintained by consistent practice.

Areas of study and concentration in religion include Mass, Scripture and Tradition, the Holy Trinity, The  Beatitudes and The Ten Commandments, The Virgin Mary, Saints and the presentation of the Living Stations of the Cross.

Science lesson focus starts with an understanding of the Scientific Method. Units of focus include force and motion, energy and electromagnetism, living systems/ecosystems and engineering and design.

The Grade 4 social studies curriculum includes regions of the United States, states and capitals, map skills and landforms.