Grade 2

At St. Pius X School we believe that our second grade students are children of God, blessed with unique gifts and talents. The Grade 2 program of learning challenges and empowers students, and provides them with a rigorous learning environment to deepen and expand their skills and knowledge. The curriculum encompasses the best practices according to the Massachusetts State Frameworks and according to the Curriculum Guidelines of the Diocese of Fall River.

Reading, writing, and math skills are emphasized in a more complex and comprehensive way. Students read more complicated books, write complex pieces, as well as learn concepts underlying their math lessons. In addition, St. Pius second graders are exposed to a variety of research and critical thinking projects such as Animal Habitats and a Historical Wax Museum. Students are able to present what they learn via writing, speaking, and art.

Grade 2 students at St. Pius also prepare their hearts through prayer to receive Jesus for the first time, receiving their First Holy Communion. They are guided to a deeper understanding of Christ’s true Presence in the Blessed Sacrament by their work, attending school Mass, and learning about the Mass. In addition, the children see and interact with parish priests who assist them in deepening their knowledge and understanding of the faith.